Wing-Spreading 101

July 13, 2012

It never fails.

You’re a few months away from starting college, it’s the summer, family vacations and reunions happen and all of the sudden, every aunt and uncle you haven’t seen since the last family reunion starts asking you,

“Are you getting excited for college?”

I remember having some generic speech to respond with…something about how great it would be to live away from home but how much I would miss my parents. And then, as if we had rehearsed it, my dad would say,

“I can’t wait to get rid of her!”

And my mom would say,

“Oh don’t listen to him, we’re gonna miss her!”

Then everyone would laugh because my dad was such a jokster and he’d make another jibe about getting a dog to replace me and then we’d all go on our merry way; me thinking that my mom would get emotional when the time came to leave and my dad would be totally fine with his new dog.

I think the truth was that both of my parents were bummed to see me go. I know that they were excited for me, but as their oldest, it wasn’t a clean cut to let me go. Turns out they were just coping with it differently.

I’d wager a fair penny that every single parent out there is struggling with the idea of their baby leaving the house and spreading their proverbial wings…whether they express it or not. But I’m guessing they’ll probably express it.

Daily phone calls, constant emails and loads of notifications…how will you deal with it?

They’ll always be your parents and respect is still in order. But I found that this was a perfect time in life to become friends with them. Level with them. Maybe you’ve always had that kind of relationship with your parents and if so, that’s great. But if not, now is the chance to let them know you’re an adult with your own life and your own concerns.

You’ll always want their support and involvement, but…y’know…maybe from afar.


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