6 o’Clock Shoes

October 19, 2012

Two of my friends and I went shopping for a very special occasion yesterday. We were on a mission to find a) amazing dresses and b) some kickass shoes. When the floor assistant asked what we were getting so dressed up for, my friend nonchalantly said, “dinner.”

The dinner is with a professor…my favorite professor of all time. Ask anyone that knows me–I want to grow up to be this woman. Her sense of fashion is impeccable, as is her taste in books and movies, and she’s just really good at teaching people. These are my goals in life.

The dinner was her idea. My friends and I helped her with a project for the department and as a thank you, she invited us out to eat. Immediately, we knew we had work to do. It’s not that we want to compete with her–such a thing is impossible. But we would like to at least keep up, y’know? The festivities will start at 6pm and we needed 6 o’clock shoes.

I’ve told some other friends about the outing, and they think it’s strange. I guess there’s something taboo about it because…it’s a professor. I mean, right now, you might not have a professor that you adore. Chances are, you can’t stand most of them. They’re professors–they’re a weird kind of authority figure and they’re the source of a lot of your stress. If you saw them at Wal-Mart, you’d probably turn the other way.

But here’s what’s even weirder. They might have a few years on you and a degree or too, but some of them are in your same age bracket. We’re all just a bunch of adults. And sometimes, that’s a good thing to keep in mind, because eventually, you might find a professor that you really like. And if you do, reminding yourself that they’re regular people too might persuade you to stop by their office. I have one friend who joins his Buddhism professor for tea every once in a while to talk about life. And this professor that we’re going to dinner with? She might be meeting up with us in Atlanta to see a Shakespeare play.

You never know who’s going to change your life. It could be your roommate or your classmate or someone you see on the bus every day. But it could also be your professor. Some (if not most) are quirky and eccentric. Some have so many degrees that they’re totally intolerable. But others are truly great people. Vats of knowledge. Invaluable networking contacts. Perhaps friends.


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