• Sell your books back as soon as possible. You can sell books to the bookstore that you didn’t buy from the bookstore. I made a $20 profit once…as in, I bought my books off of Amazon for $130 and sold them back to the bookstore for $150. And if you can’t sell them back this semester, set them aside and try selling them in the spring. A lot of classes are offered every other semester, so they’ll need the books then.
  • Buy your books for the spring right now. Everyone will be trying to sell them online (eBay, Amazon, Half.com), so prices will be more competitive which works out better for you. Also, don’t bother buying the books that are “recommended” for your class…total waste of money, so far as experience has taught me.
  • Take a quick look at your financial aid and make sure you won’t be coming back to any nasty surprises (class cancellations because someone forgot to sign some kind of paperwork) in January. If something looks funky, you’ll have the whole break to fix it.
  • Take a quick look at your classes too. Sometimes they get cancelled last minute and you don’t get notified. The earlier you can straighten everything out, the better.
  • If you’re taking any lit heavy classes and you get your books early, it really doesn’t hurt to at least read the dust jackets. Better yet, get a whole book read. I know it’s break and all, but you’ll be really thankful you were ahead of the game when February rolls around, you’re swamped with other work, and your professor gives a surprise quiz.
  • Can you fill out your FAFSA yet? FILL IT OUT.
  • Watch some movies, do some traveling, read some books, pick up a hobby, eat until you’re fat and happy, etc.